Business Exposed: The naked truth about what really goes on in the world of business
Rowvotions Volume 13: The Devotional Book of Rivers of the World
Hidden Hands: Egyptian Workforces in Petrie Excavation Archives, 1880-1924
Integrating Europe: Informal Politics and Institutional Change
Sikhism and Women
Village Matters: Relocating Villages in the Contemporary Anthropology of India
In Search of a Better World Memoirs of Jolly Mohan Kaul
Disciplining the Arts: Teaching Entrepreneurship in Context
Adagiorum D. Erasmi Roterodami Epitome Editio Novissima; AB Infinitis Sere Mendis, Quibus Caeterae Scatebant, Repurgata; Non-Nullisque in Locis Adaucta, Uti Praesatio Ad Lectorem Indicat. (1666)
The Early American Republic: A History in Documents
A Moments Decision
The CL. Psalmes of Dauid in Prose and Meeter: With Their Whole Vsuall Tunes, Newly Corrected and Amended. Hereunto Is Added the Whole Church Discipline, with Many Godly Prayers (1615)
Ethics for Disaster
Cervical Cancer: From Etiology to Prevention
Mechanics of Fretting Fatigue
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice
Intravascular Ultrasound
Practical Aspects of Cosmetic Testing: How to Set up a Scientific Study in Skin Physiology
Animal Models: Disorders of Eating Behaviour and Body Composition
High Performance Chelation Ion Chromatography
The Behavior of Shells Composed of Isotropic and Composite Materials
Chemistry of the Solar System
The Measure of Mind: Propositional Attitudes and their Attribution
Mongol Rule in Seljuk Anatolia: The Politics of Conquest and History-Writing 1243-1282
Biomedical Applications of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy: A Practical Approach
Buddy Holiday
Stem Cell-Based Tissue Repair
Which Eye
That's Offensive!: Criticism, Identity, Respect
The Alternative Cricket Almanack 2011
Who Needs God? Reason to Believe in Jesus
Heat 24 Thats It For Now
Bless the Beasts
The Doctrine and Law of Marriage, Adultery, and Divorce: Exhibiting a Theological and Practical View ... Volume 1 of 2
Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night
Lucy Long Ago
Tipbook Music on Paper: The Complete Guide
Photobooth Dogs
Developing a Business Case
Fleeced in Stonington
Morbus Satanicus, the Devils Disease, Or, the Sin of Pride Arraigned and Condemned by William Jones. (1677)
Vulgaria Sta[n]brigiana (1519)
Pond's Almanack for the Yeare of Our Lord Christ 1642 Being the Second After Leap-Yeare, and Since the Creation of the World 5591 / Amplified ... Rectified According to Art by Ed. Pond. (1642)
A Sermon Preached Before the Queen, at White-Hall, on Sunday the 26th of October, 1690 by Charles Hickman. (1690)
Of the Happiness of the Saints in Heaven a Sermon Preached Before the Queen at Whitehall, October 12, 1690 / By William Beveridge. (1695)
Memory is the Weapon
Beyond Islam: A New Understanding of the Middle East
Environmental Cardiology: Pollution and Heart Disease
Social Movements II: Concerns of Equity and Security
Plutarch: Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
Coleridge's Play of Mind
Registration of Land Titles in the United States: An Address Before the Law Association of Philadelphia, February 18, 1916.
Lectures on Constitutional Law: For the Use of the Law Class at the University of Virginia.
A Sermon Preach'd Before the King, at St. James-Chapel on the 10th of February 1694/5, Being the First Sunday in Lent / By Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum. (1695)
Studies in the Hundred Rolls: Some Aspects of the Thirteenth-Century Administration.
A Treatise on the American Law of Guardianship of Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind.
The History of Banking: With a Comprehensive Account of the Origin, Rise, and Progress, of the Banks of England, Ireland, and Scotland.
A Plea for the Constitution.
Powers and Duties of Sheriffs, Constables, Tax Collectors and Other Officers in the New England States: With Forms and Precedents.
A Treatise on Practice in the Courts of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania. Volume 1 of 2
A Treatise on the Law of Extraordinary, Industrial and Interstate Contracts.
A Model-Theoretic Realist Interpretation of Science
Husserl and Heidegger on Being in the World
The Ethics of Medical Involvement in Capital Punishment: A Philosophical Discussion
Mathematical Intuitionism and Intersubjectivity: A Critical Exposition of Arguments for Intuitionism
A Tract Against Vsurie Presented to the High Court of Parliament. (1621)
The AIDS Crisis and the Modern Self: Biographical Self-Construction in the Awareness of Finitude
Statuta de An. XXVI. Henrici. Viij Here After Foloweth an Abbrydgement of the Statutes, Made in the Parlyament Holden in the XXVI. Yere of Kyng Henry the Eyght. (1537)
Logic, Truth and the Modalities: From a Phenomenological Perspective
A Ryght Notable Sermon, Made by Doctor Martyn Luther, Vppon the Twenteth Chapter of Iohan, of Absolution and the True VSE of the Keyes Full of Great Comforte. (1548)
The Vvay to a Blesed Estate in This Life. by Ezekiel Culuervvell (1630)
A Short Forme of Thankesgiuing to God for Staying the Contagious Sickenesse of the Plague: To Be Vsed in Common Prayer, on Sundayes, Wednesdayes, and Frydayes Set Forth by Authority. (1625)
An Heauenly Acte Concernynge How Man Shal Lyue Made by Our Suffraine Lorde God the Father, God the Sonne, and God the Holye Goost, and Al the Whole Clergie in Heuen Consenting to the Same. (1547)
The Rise of Interactive Governance and Quasi-Markets
Ecology of Language Acquisition
Geometric Theory of Generalized Functions with Applications to General Relativity
Multielement System Design in Astronomy and Radio Science
A Creeping Transformation?: The European Commission and the Management of EU Structural Funds in Germany
The History of Iacob and His Twelue Sonnes (1570)
Mathematical and Physical Modelling of Microwave Scattering and Polarimetric Remote Sensing: Monitoring the Earth's Environment Using Polarimetric Radar: Formulation and Potential Applications
Nouae Aliquot Et Ante Hac Non Ita Vsitate Ad Duas Voces Cantiones Suauissimae Omnibus Musicis Summ Vtiles: NEC Non Tyronibus Qu m Eius Artis Peritioribus Summopere Inseruientes. (1598)
The Life and Death of the Reuerend Father, and Faithfull Seruant of God, Mr. William Cowper, Bishop of Galloway Who Departed This Life at Edenburgh, the 15. of February. 1619. (1619)
The Profit of Imprisonment a Paradox, Vvritten in French by Odet de la Noue, Lord of Teligni, Being Prisoner in the Castle of Tournay. Translated by Iosuah Silvester. (1594)
Rebel Girls: Youth Activism and Social Change Across the Americas
Between Law and Diplomacy: The Social Contexts of Disputing at the World Trade Organization
Urban Underworlds: A Geography Of Twentieth-Century American Literature And Culture
Theaters of Justice: Judging, Staging, and Working Through in Arendt, Brecht, and Delbo
The Law of Freedom and Bondage in the United States. Volume 1 of 2
A Selection of Leading Cases in Criminal Law: With Notes / By Edmund Hastings [I.E. Hatch] Bennett and Franklin Fiske Heard. Volume 1 of 2
A Treatise of the Law Relative to Contracts and Agreements Not Under Seal: With Cases and Decisions Thereon in the Action of Assumpsit. Volume 1 of 2
Monetary Policy: A Theoretical and Econometric Approach
History of the United States of America: Under the Constitution. Volume 3 of 6
Crime Prevention: A Critical Introduction
Restoring Democracy to America: How to Free Markets and Politics from the Corporate Culture of Business and Government
Key Concepts in Family Studies
The Bench and Bar of Cuyahoga County: A Modern Epic / By Timothy Jenkins.
Letters Addressed to Substitute Heirs Under Scotch Entails in the Line of Succession, More or Less Remote: On the Present Attempted Invasion of Their Rights.
Theories and Approaches to Learning in the Early Years
John A. Dix, a Citizen.
John W. Pitts Eleven Numbers Against Lawyer Legislation and Fees at the Bar: Written and Printed Expressly for the Benefit of the People.
A Treatise of Divine Worship Tending to Prove That the Ceremonies Imposed Vpon the Ministers of the Gospell in England, in Present Controversie, Are in Their VSE Vnlawfull. (1604)
Observations Upon Some of the Difficulties Attending Suits in Equity Amongst the Shareholders of Joint Stock Companies: With Suggestions for Improvement in the Forms of Proceeding.
A Sketch of the Life and Educational Labors of Philip Lindsley, D.D., Late President of the University of Nashville.
Town Government in Rhode Island.
Betrayal at the Top: Freedom Was All They Had Ever Known
Introduction to Computer Programming
Patsy's Story: Little Lady on the Move
The Civil Law as Transplanted in Louisiana: A Paper Read Before the American Bar Association at Saratoga Springs, N.Y., August 10th, 1882.
Healing Agents: Christian Perspectives Second Edition
Desafio de Vivir, El
Ecomysticism: The Profound Experience of Nature as Spiritual Guide
The Four Kinds of Enlightenment: Love, Unity, Emptiness and Tao
Coding Theory and Number Theory
Pharaoh in the Church: Prepare for a Dramatic Escape Into the Cloud of Glory
Irreversibilities in Quantum Mechanics
The Hermeneutics of Medicine and the Phenomenology of Health: Steps Towards a Philosophy of Medical Practice
Advances in Quality of Life Research 2001
Advances in Spatial Econometrics: Methodology, Tools and Applications
Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide with Illustrative Cases
Genomic Disorders: The Genomic Basis of Disease
Brain Hypoxia and Ischemia
Nietzsche, Theories of Knowledge, and Critical Theory: Nietzsche and the Sciences I
The Emergence of the Knowledge Economy: A Regional Perspective
Cambridge Library Collection - Latin American Studies: An Account of the Present State of the Island of Puerto Rico
Effective Deterrence: Thoughts on India's Security Policy and Structures in the Twenty-first Century
Key Concepts in Classical Social Theory
On the Twentieth Century: Vocal Selections
Travels of the Source of the Missouri River and Across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean 3 Volume Set Travels to the Source of the Missouri River: Volume 2
For Us, What Music?: The Life and Poetry of Donald Justice
The Markhat Files
Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive and Spiritually Gifted Kids of All Ages
Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine
Turn It On
Street Machines: Classics, Muscle Cars, Modern
John Paul II's Contribution to Catholic Bioethics
Exploring Risk Communication
The Nature of Solar Prominences
The Andromeda Galaxy
The Road to Success, Or, Practical Hints to the Junior Bar: An Address Delivered Before the Law Academy of Philadelphia.
Mental Representation and Consciousness: Towards a Phenomenological Theory of Representation and Reference
A Ninth Collection of Papers Relating to the Present Juncture of Affairs in England ... (1689)
An Account Astrologicall of the Year of Our Lord Above Expressed in Two Parts, I. Calculatory ... II. Prognostick ... / By G. Johnson, Physiol. (1659)
Ouranodeisis, Coelorum Declaratio an Ephemeris for the Yeer of Christ, 1656 ... Calculated for the Meridians of the Two Ancient Port Towns of Sandwich and Dover ... / By Henry Harflete. (1656)
A Declaration of His Maiesties Royall Pleasure in What Sort He Thinketh Fit to Enlarge, or Reserue Himselfe in Matter of Bountie. (1619)
The London Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1694 for the Year of the World 5644 and of Their Majesties Reign, 6 ... / By William Salmon. (1694)
Short Questions and Answeares, Contayning the Summe of Christian Religion (1598)
[taylors Goose] [describing the Wilde Goose] (1621)
Statuta de An. XXVI Henrici VIII Here After Foloweth an Abbrydgement of the Statutes Made in the Parlyament Holden in the XXVI Yere of Kynge Henry the Eyght. (1535)
Ephemeris, Or, a Diary Astronomical, Astrological and Meteorological for the Year of Our Lord 1679 Being the Third After Leap-Year: With Praedictions and Experiments Sydereal / By John Gadbury. (1679)
Two Letters to a Friend, Concerning the Distempers of the Present Times (1686)
Cambridge Library Collection - Latin American Studies: The English in the West Indies: Or, The Bow of Ulysses
A Pleasant Comedie, Shewing the Contention Betweene Liberalitie and Prodigalitie as It Was Playd Before Her Maiestie. (1602)
Cambridge Library Collection - East and South-East Asian History: Li Hung-Chang: His Life and Times
Try Walking Across
Midnight Nocturne
The Acts Relating to the Income Tax.
Criminal Procedure According to the Law of Scotland.
A Treatise on Equity Pleading and Practice.
County Commissioners and the Powers and Duties of Commissioners' Courts.
Blue Sky Laws: Analysis and Text.
A Sermon Preacht Before the King at Whitehall, November the XXX, 1673 by Roger Hayward. (1673)
Grammatices Primae Partis Liber Primus Roberti Vvhitintoni. Li. L. Nuperrime Recognitus. (1529)
An Answer to a Late Printed Paper Given about by Some of the Church of Rome in a Letter to a Gentleman. (1688)
A Sermon Preach'd at the Parish Church of St. Martins Ludgate, Sept. 12, 1695 Before the Incorporated Society of Apothecaries of London / By Nicholas Brady. (1695)
Annorum Quinque Sequentium Ephemerides. a Davide Origano Mathematico Praestantissimo, Prim m Calculatae, Accomodatae, Ad Latitud. 52. Gr. 20. Min. Et Nunc in Hac Portatili Forma Accuratiores (1633)
A New Almanack and Prognostication in Which You May Behold the State of This Year of Our Lord God 1653 ...: With Physicall Observations and Rules for Husbandry / By William Dade. (1653)
Elizabethae Reginae Manes de Religione Et Regno Ad Iacobum Magnum Britanniarum Regem, Per Ioannem Gordonium Britanno-Scotum. (1604)
Roberti Vvhitintoni Alma in Vniuersitate Oxoniensi Laureati, de Octo Partibus Orationis [a]editio Authoris Distichon. Grammaticae Fautrix Raeliquis DAT Adire Sorores (1527)
Notes on the Law of Real Property.
Lectures on Jurisprudence, Or, the Philosophy of Positive Law. Volume 1 of 2
Remarks of Mr. Evarts in the Constitutional Convention, in Support of a Life Tenure for Judges
The Function of the American Lawyer in the Founding of States: An Address Delivered Before the Graduating Classes at the Fifty-Seventh Anniversary of the Yale Law School on June 28th, 1881.
A Sermon Upon the Death of the Hon. Daniel Webster.
William Sampson, Lawyer and Stenographer.
English Taxation, 1640-1799: An Essay on Policy and Opinion.
Great Australian Historic Hotels
Sketch of the Life of the Honorable John Read, of Boston, 1722-1749.
An Obituary Memoir of Robert F. Mott: Read Before Two Literary Societies to Which He Belonged.
A Discourse in Commemoration of the Life and Services of Daniel Webster: Delivered Before the Citizens of Providence, November 23, 1852.
A Lecture on Christianity and the Civil Laws.
Silk Dyeing, Printing and Finishing
Hypnotism Today
Model Yachts And Boats: Their Designing, Making, And Sailing
Pheasant Shooting - The Sportsman's Library
Acts of Sederunt of the Lords of the Session, Past Since February 1681 (1691)
Turning for Amateurs: Being Descriptions of the Lathe and Its Attachments and Tools With Minute Instructions for Their Effective Use on Wood, Metal, Ivory, And Other Materials
Here Begynneth a Lytell Treatyse Named the Bowge of Courte (1510)
The Merchant Royall a Sermon Preached at White-Hall Before the Kings Maiestie, at the Nuptials of the Right Honourable the Lord Hay and His Lady, Vpon the Twelfe Day Last Being Ianuar. 6. 1607. (1607)
Speculum Perspicuum Vranicum, Or, an Almanack for the Year 1677 (1677)
An Almanack for the Year 1683 and from the Creation of the World, According to the Best Chronologers 5632 ... / R. Johnson. (1683)
The Dignitie of Preaching in a Sermon Vpon 1. Thessal. 5.20. by Sam. Hieron. (1615)
The Christian Arte of Thriving, Whereby a Man May Become Rich to God, Or, a Sermon Vpon Matth.6.33 Preached by the Right Reuerend Father in God, George, Lord Bishop of Derry. (1620)
A Manual of Common Law: Comprising the Fundamental Principles and the Points Most Usually Occurring in Daily Life and Practice.
The Practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts: With Forms and Tables of Costs.
Observations on Military Law and the Constitution and Practice of Courts Martial: With a Summary of the Law of Evidence as Applicable to Military Trials ...
The Student's Statute Law: Being Especially Intended for the Use of Candidates at the Final and Honors Examinations of the Law Society.
A Complete Practical Treatise on Criminal Procedure, Pleading, and Evidence, in Indictable Cases. Volume 2 of 2
The Law of the Public School System of the United States.
The Law of Taxation. Volume 4 of 4
A Treatise on Equitable Remedies: Supplementary to Pomeroy's Equity Jurisprudence.... Volume 2 of 2
Due Process of Law Under the Federal Constitution.
A Real Criminal Case: A Simple and Understandable Story of What Happens from an Arrest to a Final Judgment: Every Stage of the Trial Depicted in Graphic Charts, Accurate Forms for Every Step.
CMOS Telecom Data Converters
A Treatise on the American and English Workmen's Compensation Laws: As Interpreted by the Courts and Tribunals Vested with the Power of Administering and Enforcing Same. Volume 2 of 2
Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics: Volume 13. Crack-Microstructure Interaction, R-Curve Behavior, Environmental Effects in Fracture, and Standardization
Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man X
Phonology and Phonetics in Coatzospan Mixtec
General Spatial Involute Gearing
Engineering Ceramics
Competency-Based Assessments in Mental Health Practice: Cases and Practical Applications
Animal Investigators: How the World's First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species
Ancient Complexities: New Perspectives in Pre-Columbian North America
Responses to Victimizations and Belief in a Just World
Flyover Country: Baby Boomers and Their Stories
Guided Evolution of Society: A Systems View
X-Ray Diffuse Scattering from Self-Organized Mesoscopic Semiconductor Structures
Early Hunter-Gatherers of the California Coast
Life in Neolithic Farming Communities: Social Organization, Identity, and Differentiation
Advanced Statistics: Description of Populations
Quantum Squeezing
Power Systems Restructuring: Engineering and Economics
Teaching and Learning in the Science Laboratory
Computer Methods for Circuit Analysis and Design
Statistical Challenges in Astronomy
Handbook of Nonlinear Optical Crystals
A Sermon of Sanctification Preached on the ACT Sunday at Oxford, Iulie 12, 1607. by Richard Crakanthorp Doctor of Diuinity. (1608)
The Law of Landlord and Tenant: With All the Requisite Forms, Including the Pleadings in the Several Actions by and Against Landlord and Tenant, and the Evidence Necessary to Support Them.
A Shorte Treatise, of the Crosse in Baptisme Contracted Into This Syllogisme. No Humane Ordinance Becomming an Idoll, May Lawfully Be Vsed in the Seruice of God. (1604)
An Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Society for the Discharge and Relief of Persons Imprisoned for Small Debts Throughout England and Wales.
Oration on Some of the Relations and Present Duties of the Legal Profession to Our Public Life and Affairs.
The City Government of Saint Louis.
Speech of Hon. Daniel Webster, to the Young Men of Albany: Wednesday, May 28, 1851.
A Summary of the Powers and Duties of a Constable in Scotland, in Public and Private Cases: And of Those of a Private Person in Criminal Cases.
The Life and Work of Sir Samuel Romilly / By Sir William J. Collins.
International Law: Some Problems of the War: A Lecture Delivered Before the University of Oxford in the Hall of All Souls College on October 30, 1915.
Bible Studies in the Life of Paul
If Tropes
Physical and Related Properties of 145 Timbers: Information for practice
Reuniting the Antipodes - Constructive and Nonstandard Views of the Continuum: Symposium Proceedings, San Servolo, Venice, Italy, May 16-22, 1999
Agent Causality
Truth and Its Nature (if Any)
Perspectives on School Algebra
Trends in Logic: 50 Years of Studia Logica
Aspect in English: A Common-Sense View of the Interplay between Verbal and Nominal Referents
Salomon Maimon: Rational Dogmatist, Empirical Skeptic: Critical Assessments
Reworking the Bench: Research Notebooks in the History of Science
Aging: Culture, Health, and Social Change
Alfred Tarski and the Vienna Circle: Austro-Polish Connections in Logical Empiricism
The Moment of Change: A Systematic History in the Philosophy of Space and Time
Handbook of Philosophical Logic: Volume 10
The Correspondence of the Late John Wilkes, with His Friends: Printed from the Original Manuscripts in Which Are Introduced Memoirs of His Life / By John Almon. Volume 5 of 5
A System of the Forms of Deeds Used in Scotland. Volume 6 of 7
A Manual of Equity Jurisprudence: For Practitioners and Students.
Principles of the Common Law: An Elementary Work Intended for the Use of Students and the Profession.
Funerals, Festivals and Cultural Politics in Porfirian Mexico
Vocational Training and Assessment
Evidence-Based Practice With Women: Toward Effective Social Work Practice With Low-Income Women
Studyguide for Principles of Microeconomics by Frank, Robert, ISBN 9780073362663
Computational Methods for Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling: Volume 2: Structure Prediction
Six Key Approaches to Counselling and Therapy
The Guardian: Perspectives on the Ministry of Finance of Ontario
Indian Angles: English Verse in Colonial India from Jones to Tagore
Philosophical Logic and Logical Philosophy
Clifford Numbers and Spinors
Hegel Reconsidered: Beyond Metaphysics and the Authoritarian State
Jan Des Bouvrie: House: Turn This House into a Home
Chemistry of Discotic Liquid Crystals: From Monomers to Polymers
Stargazing: Celebrity, Fame, and Social Interaction
Manual on Limitations of Estates in South Carolina.
Address to the Law Class at the University of North Carolina, 31 January, 1919.
Eulogy on the Character and Services of the Late Daniel Webster: Pronounced at the Request of the Select and Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia, January 18, 1853.
A Sketch of the Life of Mark Hopkins, of California.
Love. Life. And the Pursuit of Acceptance: A Book of Poems
The Wind of Fathers
Our Sacred Journeys
Manual for Buglers
Enterprise Information Systems II
The Elmer Bernstein Collection
The Variables of Moral Capacity
The Neurological Basis of Learning, Development and Discovery: Implications for Science and Mathematics Instruction
The Brain from 25,000 Feet: High Level Explorations of Brain Complexity, Perception, Induction and Vagueness
The New Era of AIDS: HIV and Medicine in Times of Transition
Euthanasia in the Netherlands: The Policy and Practice of Mercy Killing
Catalysts for Nitrogen Fixation: Nitrogenases, Relevant Chemical Models and Commercial Processes
Fourier Analysis and Approximation of Functions
The Logic of Metaphor: Analogous Parts of Possible Worlds
Proof Theory: History and Philosophical Significance
Action, Ability and Health: Essays in the Philosophy of Action and Welfare
Interpretations and Causes: New Perspectives on Donald Davidson's Philosophy
Reference, Truth and Conceptual Schemes: A Defense of Internal Realism
Probability Theory: Philosophy, Recent History and Relations to Science
Papa, PHD: Essays On Fatherhood By Men In The Academy
Public Engagement for Public Education: Joining Forces to Revitalize Democracy and Equalize Schools
Machine Learning Techniques for Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: Technologies Applications and Perspectives
The Geometric Phase in Quantum Systems: Foundations, Mathematical Concepts, and Applications in Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics
Inside China's Grand Strategy: The Perspective from the People's Republic
Dark Logic: Transnational Criminal Tactics and Global Security
Literary Passports: The Making of Modernist Hebrew Fiction in Europe
Business Ethics: Japan and the Global Economy
Theory of Calorimetry
Schutzian Social Science
Intentionalitatstheorie beim fruhen Brentano
Levinas between Ethics and Politics: For the Beauty that Adorns the Earth
Phenomenology: Japanese and American Perspectives
Husserl's Position in the School of Brentano
Moral Beliefs and Moral Theory
Piety, Peace, and the Freedom to Philosophize
Leading Cases in the Commercial Law of England and Scotland: Selected and Arranged in Systematic Order, with Notes. Volume 1 of 3
Education, Leadership and Business Ethics: Essays on the Work of Clarence Walton
de La Democratie En Amerique. Volume 3 of 3
The Practice of Conveyancing: Analytically and Synthetically Arranged. Volume 1 of 3
Landlords, Tenants, and Lodgers: With Forty Forms.
The Law Relating to Charities: Especially with Reference to the Validity and Construction of Charitable Bequests and Conveyances.
The Practice of the Court of Exchequer: Upon Proceedings in Equity. Volume 1 of 2
Considerations Sur Le Principe Daemocratique Qui Regit L'Union Americaine: Et de La Possibilite de Son Application A D'Autres Etats.
Laughter of the Damned
OCR Level 1 ITQ - Unit 1 - Improving Productivity Using IT Using Microsoft Office
A Trudge Through Grief to Contentment
African Catholic Priests: Confronting an Identity Problem
The Anatomy of Grief: Processing the Loss of a Pet
The Araqe Dilemma: The Socioeconomics of Traditional Distilled Alcohol Production, Marketing, and Consumption in Ethiopia
Grey Areas: An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Fiction on Ageing
The Dynamics and Contradictions of Evangelisation in Africa: An Essay on the Kom Experience
The Deepest Wounds: A Labor and Environmental History of Sugar in Northeast Brazil
Culinary Spanish Chatbook
Micro-and Small Enterprises as Vehicles for Poverty Reduction, Employment Creation and Business Development: The Ethiopian Experience
Soil Characterization Classification and Survey
Taking Our Own Side
A Nevve Mery and Vvittie Comedie or Enterlude, Newely Imprinted, Treating Vpon the Historie of Iacob and Esau Taken Out of the Xxvij. Chap. of the First Booke of Moses Entituled Genesis. (1568)
The Lord Coke His Speech and Charge Vvith a Discouerie of the Abuses and Corruption of Officers. (1607)
A Discourse of the Conference Holden Before the French King at Fontain-Bleau Between the L. Bishop of Eureux, and Munsieur de Plessis L. of Mornay, the 4. of May 1600. (1600)
The Historie of a Noble and Valiant Squyer Vviliam Meldrum, Vmquhile Laird of Cleish and Binnes. Compyled Be Sir David Lindesay of the Mount, Alias, Lyon King of Armes. (1610)
A Frutfull Sermon of the Moost Euangelicall Wryter M. Luther, Made of the Angelles Vpo[n] The. XVIII. Chapi. of Mathew Translated Out of Laten in to Englyshe (1548)
A Sermon of Predestination Preached at Saint Maries in Oxford: By Ri: Crakanthorp. (1620)
Science and Art: The Red Book of `Einstein Meets Magritte'
Principles of Equity: Intended for the Use of Students and Practitioners.
The Law of Marriage and Family Relations: A Manual of Practical Law.
Directional Drilling
Quantum Scattering Theory for Several Particle Systems
In the Scope of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science: Volume One of the 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Cracow, August 1999
Structures in Science: Heuristic Patterns Based on Cognitive Structures An Advanced Textbook in Neo-Classical Philosophy of Science
Reanalysis in Sentence Processing
Contradictions in Post-War Education Policy Formation and Application in Colonial Malawi 1945-1961
The Tensed Theory of Time: A Critical Examination
German Sentence Processing
Phenomenology of Time: Edmund Husserl's Analysis of Time-Consciousness
Contemporary Action Theory Volume 1: Individual Action
New Vistas in Agroforestry: A Compendium for 1st World Congress of Agroforestry, 2004
Power-Switching Converters
Lines of Thought: Central Concepts in Cognitive Psychology
Philosophical Dimensions of Logic and Science: Selected Contributed Papers from the 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Krakow, 1999
The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion: Identity Politics in Twenty-First Century America
Disability and New Media
Studyguide for Hospitality Financial Accounting by Defranco, Agnes L., ISBN 9780470083604
Studyguide for Microeconomics by Parkin, Michael, ISBN 9780321592873
Studyguide for Essentials of Statistics by Triola, ISBN 9780321434258
Studyguide for Introduction to Financial Accounting by Horngren, Charles T., ISBN 9780136122975
Studyguide for Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World by Larson, Ron, ISBN 9780321565914
Studyguide for Equity Asset Valuation by Stowe, John D., ISBN 9780470052822
Studyguide for Wills, Trusts, and Estate Administration by Hower, Dennis R., ISBN 9781418039332
History of a Lawsuit.
A Treatise on Practice in the Orphans' Court. Volume 1 of 2
The Law of Carriers of Merchandise and Passengers by Land.
Studyguide for Introduction to Meta-Analysis by Borenstein, Michael, ISBN 9780470057247
The Law of Debtor and Creditor: To Which Is Subjoined a Table of the Courts in England and Wales for the Recovery of Debts.
The Concise Conveyancer, Or, Short Precedents: With Practical Remarks and Summary of the Stamp Laws Relating to Conveyances.
A Historical Account of the Neutrality of Great Britain During the American Civil War.
Administration of Foreign Estates: Being the Principles of Private International Law Relating to the Administration of the Estates of Deceased Persons: (In Two Parts).
A System of Legal Medicine. Volume 1 of 2
The Practice of Conveyancing: Comprising Every Usual Deed, Analytically and Synthetically Arranged. Volume 2 of 2
The Law of Licensing in England: So Far as It Relates to the Retail Sale of Intoxicating Liquors and to Theatres and Music Halls: With a Full Appendix of Statutes and Forms.
A Treatise on the Law of Defamation: With Forms of Pleadings.
The Law of Homestead and Exemptions.
A Practical Treatise on the Law of Bonds: With an Appendix of Forms, Declarations, and Pleas.
Monitoring and Forecasting of Forest Diversity
Encyclopedia of Media and Propaganda in Wartime America [2 volumes]
Liturgia Inglesa. O Libro del Rezado Publico, de la Administracion de Los Sacramentos, Y Otros Ritos Y Ceremonias de la Yglesia de Ingalaterra (1623)
Probation as an Orthodox Common Law Practice in Massachusetts Prior to the Statutory System.
Proof of Handwriting: &, Proposed Reform in Use of Expert Testimony.
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Common Carriers and the Common Law
A Letter of Spirituall Advice, Written to Mr. Stephen Marshall in His Sicknesse by One of His Brethren in the Clergy, Mart. 1, MDCXLIII. (1643)
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Vocabula Magistri Sta[n]brigij Sua Salte[m] Editione Edita (1534)
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Common Carriers and Common Law
Swimming Through Amber
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The Crisis in Humanist Political Theory
The Diary of a Resurrectionist (Illustrated Edition)
Electronic Commerce - Einsatzm glichkeiten, Nutzen Und Trends
The Complaynte and Testament of a Popiniay Which Lyeth Sore Wounded and Maye Not Dye, Tyll Euery Man Hathe Herd What He Sayth: Wherfore Gentyll Readers Haste You Yt He Were Oute of His Payne. (1538)
The Enterlude of Youth (1565)
A Briefe Direction to True Happinesse Abridged Out of the Larger Treatise, for the More Convenient Use of Private Families, and Instruction of the Younger Sort. by Sam: Crooke. (1640)
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Prayers and Thankesgiuing to Be Vsed by All the Kings Maiesties Louing Subiects, for the Happy Deliuerance of His Maiestie, the Queene, Prince, and States of Parliament (1606)
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The Sheriff Court Style Book.
The Law of Unincorporated Associations and Business Trusts.
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Yearbook of Morphology 1995
Random Evolutions and their Applications: New Trends
Being Danish: Paradoxes of Identity in Everyday Life
2011 Oncology Nursing Drug Handbook
Lush's Practice of the Superior Courts of Law at Westminster: In Actions and Proceedings Over Which They Have a Common Jurisdiction. Volume 1 of 2
Federico Caffe Lectures: Welfare, Choice and Solidarity in Transition: Reforming the Health Sector in Eastern Europe
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Food for a Greener Planet: What You Can Do
Computational Homology
John Webster, Renaissance Dramatist
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The Higher Law, in Its Relations to Civil Government: With Particular Reference to Slavery, and the Fugitive Slave Law.
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Stanley: A Raindrop's Story
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People Are Tiny in Paintings of China
Jini from Windemere
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Where We Think It Should Go
The Secret of Spey
Primary Gymnastics
Radetzky: Imperial Victor and Military Genius
Head Games: De-Colonizing the Psychotherapeutic Process
The Beautiful Isle of Mull - With Iona and the Isle of Saints
Interpretation of Classical Electromagnetism
Quantifiers: Logics, Models and Computation: Volume One: Surveys
History and Philosophy of Constructive Type Theory
The Logic of Discovery: A Theory of the Rationality of Scientific Research
The Philosophy of Michael Dummett
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Family Secrets: Risking Reproduction in Central Mozambique
Classical Dictionaries: Past, Present and Future
From Tartan to Tartanry: Scottish Culture, History and Myth
Principles and Practice of Social Marketing: An International Perspective
Encircling the Seamless: India, Climate Change, and the Global Commons
Unity of the Church in the New Testament and Today
The Eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control: Essays in Honour of Paul Rock
Profiles of Virginia
The Link Between Inflammation and Cancer: Wounds that do not heal
Improving Competence Across the Lifespan: Building Interventions Based on Theory and Research
Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Theory of Fuzzy Decisions: Fuzzy Value Theory
The Machinery of Representation.
Restrictions Upon Local and Special Legislation in State Constitutions.
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A Treatise on the Law of Insurance: In Four Books ... Volume 2 of 2
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Social Networks, Drug Injectors' Lives, and HIV/AIDS
The Rivals: A Tale of the Times of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.
Case Studies for Complementary Therapists: a collaborative approach
Destination Collaboration 2: A Complete Reference Focused Curriculum Guidebook to Educate 21st Century Learners in Grades 3-5
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Economics as a Political Muse: Philosophical Reflections on the Relevance of Economics for Ecological Policy
Urban Air Pollution - European Aspects
Studies in Greek Syntax
Democracy and the European Union
Institutional Economics in France and Germany: German Ordoliberalism versus the French Regulation School
Imaging of Hypoxia: Tracer Developments
Advances in Modeling Agricultural Systems
Molecular Mechanisms of Programmed Cell Death
A Few Notes on Admiralty Jurisdiction in the Colony and in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay.
The Northern Boundary of Massachusetts in Its Relations to New Hampshire: A Part of the Council's Report Made to the American Antiquarian Society, at Worcester, on October 21, 1890.
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Julien T. Davies: Memorial of a Leader of the Bar.
Eulogy on Daniel Webster: Pronounced Before the Chelsea Library Association, December 8, 1852.
P-Stereogenic Ligands in Enantioselective Catalysis
Oration Delivered at the Dedication of the Providence County Court House, December 18, 1877.
Democracy Burning?: Urban Fire Departments and the Limits of Civil Society in Late Imperial Russia, 1850-1914
Operative Techniques: Shoulder and Elbow Surgery: Book, Website and DVD
Scotland's Methodists: A History
The Evolution of National Water Regimes in Europe: Transitions in Water Rights and Water Policies
Inconsistency in Science
Environmental Politics and Liberation in Contemporary Africa
Differential Inclusions in a Banach Space
The Transformation Workbook: A Treatment Workbook Designed to Help Women and Girls Struggling with Violent Behaviors Towards Themselves and Others
Notes from a Miner's Canary
Great Britains Beauties, Or, the Female Glory Epitomized, in Encomiastick Anagramms, and Acrostiches, Upon the Highly Honoured Names of the Queenes Most Gracious Majestie (1638)
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Old-Time Punishments.
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Inka Settlement Planning
Speech of Hon. Daniel Chipman: Delivered in the Convention Holden at Montpelier, on the Sixth of January 1836.
How the Hague Rules Affect Merchants: Being the Hague Rules, 1921, Explained and Discussed from the Merchants' Side.
Suggestions Sent to the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Laws of Real Property: With Minutes of the Evidence Given Before Them.
Koureus Apoxuros Id Est, Tonsor Ad Cutem Rasus: Qui Forficulus, Pectine, Radulis, Concha, Odontagris, Auriscalpiis, Humeralibus Linteis Onustus (1627)
The Thomist Tradition
Technosophy: Strategic Approaches to the Assessment and Management of Manufacturing Technology Innovation
Fieldwork in Geography: Reflections, Perspectives and Actions
The Phenomenology of the Noema
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Observations on the Second Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Enquire Into the Law of Real Property.
The Government and the Railroads.
Washington and the Higher Education: An Address Delivered Before Cornell University, February 22, 1888.
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Opinion of Horace Binney, Esq., Upon the Right of the City Councils to Subscribe for Stock in the Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company: July, 1846.
The Woman in the Violence: Gender, Poverty and Resistance in Peru
Radical Affections: Essays on the Poetics of Outside
Observations Upon Some of the Difficulties Attending Suits in Equity Between the Shareholders of Joint-Stock Companies: With Suggestions for Improvement in the Forms of Proceeding.
A Friendship that Lasted a Lifetime: The Correspondence between Alfred Schutz and Eric Voegelin
Samuel de Champlain before 1604: Des Sauvages and other Documents Related to the Period
Beyond the Blockade: New Currents in Cuban Archaeology
Nanoclusters: A Bridge across Disciplines: Volume 1
Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy
The Porsche Book
Juda Und Jerusalem in Der Seleukidenzeit: Herrschaft - Widerstand - Identitat. Festschrift Fur Heinz-Josef Fabry~
New England Sheriff, Or, Digest of the Duties of Civil Officers: Being a Compendium of the Laws of Massachusetts, with Reference to Those of the Neighboring States, Upon Those Subjects ...
Gaudi - Of Barcelona
Orthobiologic Concepts in Foot and Ankle, An Issue of Foot and Ankle Clinics
Agency and Bailments: Including Common Carriers: Presenting Clearly and with Brevity the Law Governing Delegated Authority ...
A Manual of Corporate Management: Containing Forms, Directions and Information for the Use of Lawyers and Corporation Officials.
The Case of Robert M. Goodwin, Esq.: Charged with Killing James Stoughton, Esq. ... / By William Sampson.
Dainty Conceits with a Number of Rare and Witty Inuentions, Neuer Before Printed. Made and Inuented for Honest Recreation, to Passe Away Idle Houres. by Thomas Iohnson. (1630)
The Life and Times of Henry Clay. Volume 1 of 2
The Law of Meetings: Being a Concise Statement of the Law Relating to the Conduct and Control of Meetings in General, and in Particular ....
The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer: Comprising the Law Relative to Their Several Duties, with All the Necessry Forms of Commitments, Convictions, Orders, &C.. Volume 2 of 3
[The Spanish Tragedie] (1603)
A Treatise on the Law of Husband and Wife, as Respects Property: Partly Founded Upon Roper's Treatise, and Comprising Jacob's Notes and Additions Thereto. Volume 1 of 2
The Law of Adoption in the United States, and Especially in Massachusetts.
A Concise View of the Law of Husband and Wife: As Modified by the Married Women's Property Acts, with an Appendix of Statutes.
Memorandum of Law on the Construction of Section 10 of the Federal Penal Code.
History of the Bench and Bar of New York. Volume 2 of 2
A Paraphrase Upon the Divine Poems by George Sandys. (1676)
The Virginia State Bar Association: Annual Address Bentham and the Codifiers
Immediate Revelation, Or, Jesus Christ the Eternall Son of God Revealed in Man and Revealing the Knowledge of God and the Things of His Kingdom Immediately (1668)
An Inquiry Into the Use and Authority of Roman Jurisprudence in the Law Concerning Real Estate.
Evolution of Information Technology in Educational Management
Managing and Mining Uncertain Data
Inter-area Oscillations in Power Systems: A Nonlinear and Nonstationary Perspective
Broadband Access Networks: Technologies and Deployments
The THEMIS Mission
Concept Mapping in Mathematics: Research into Practice
Logic and Integer Programming
Networks and Groups: Models of Strategic Formation
Fixed Point Theory for Lipschitzian-type Mappings with Applications
Rigorous Global Search: Continuous Problems
Selforganization: Portrait of a Scientific Revolution
Supply Chain Optimization
Clinical PET-CT in Radiology: Integrated Imaging in Oncology
Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing: A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab
Chemical Process Simplification: Improving Productivity and Sustainability
Points and Lines: Characterizing the Classical Geometries
A Life of Rhyme
Learning to Love: Ten Steps to Empowered (Self) Love and (Inner) Peace
Virgin Slaves of the Vampires
Discovering Grace: A Story about Family and the Redemptive Power of Forgiveness
OCR Level 3 ITQ - Unit 3 - Improving Productivity Using IT Using Microsoft Office
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Molecular Biology of Cancer: Translation to the Clinic: Volume 95
Quantum Efficiency in Complex Systems, Part I: Biomolecular Systems: Volume 83
Mathematical Location and Land Use Theory: An Introduction
Ridges in Image and Data Analysis
Landmark-Based Image Analysis: Using Geometric and Intensity Models
Algebraic Foundations of Many-Valued Reasoning
The Institutional Position of Seaports: An International Comparison
Studyguide for Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis by Epperson, James F., ISBN 9780470049631
The Appeal of L. Louaillier, Sen., Against the Charge of High Treason: And Explaining the Transactions at New-Orleans.
Brief Account of Murders by the Indians and the Cause Thereof: In Northampton County, Penn'a., October 8th, 1763.
Notes on Criminal Anthropology and Bio-Sociology: Being a Study of Seventy-Three Irish and Irish-American Criminals Made at the Kings Co. Penitentiary, Brooklyn, N.Y..
The Presumption of Innocence in Criminal Cases.
Treaties and Topics in American Diplomacy.
The Life and Adventures of Dr. David T. Hines: A Narrative of Thrilling Interest and Most Stirring Scenes of His Eventful Life.
Security and Privacy Assurance in Advancing Technologies: New Developments
Melancholy Duty: The Hume-Gibbon Attack on Christianity
The Young Leibniz and his Philosophy (1646-76)
Developments in Intelligent Agent Technologies and Multi-Agent Systems: Concepts and Applications
Darklands: A Vampire's Tale
OCR Level 1 ITQ - Unit 42 - IT Security for Users Using Microsoft Windows
Confronting Truths
OCR Level 2 ITQ - Unit 2 - Improving Productivity Using IT Using Microsoft Office
More Conjuring (Illustrated Edition)
A Select Second Husband for Sir Thomas Ouerburie's Wife, Now a Matchlesse Widow (1616)
A Commercial Dictionary: Containing the Present State of Mercantile Law, Practice, and Custom, Intended for the Use of the Cabinet, the Counting-House, and the Library.
The London Daily Stock and Share List: A Course of Lectures.
A Treatise on the American Law of Vendor and Purchaser of Real Property. Volume 1 of 2
Business Law: A Working Manual of Every-Day Law. Volume 1 of 2
Oklahoma Chattel Mortgage Law Simplified: How to Draw a Chattel Mortgage ... a Book Written for Business Men ....
Observations on the Law of Descent of Real Estate in the United Kingdom: Its Origin and Bearing on the Social Condition of the People.
The Law of Collisions on Land.
Composition at Common Law: With Forms.
A Handy Book on Property Law: In a Series of Letters.
Bentham's Radical Reform Bill: With Extracts from the Reasons.
A Dictionary of the Practice in Civil Actions in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas: Together with Practical Directions and Forms, Distinctly Arranged Under Each Head. Volume 1 of 2
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2000
An Outline of the Law of Insurance.
A Memoir of Benjamin Robbins Curtis, LL. D.: With Some of His Professional and Miscellaneous Writings / Edited by His Son, Benjamin R. Curtis. Volume 1 of 2
Risks, Resilience and Adaptations in Child Life
Robust Nonparametric Statistical Methods
Marine Diesel Engines
Beyond Luxury: Villa Hadriana
Modern Marine Salvage
Pain in Horses: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Implications, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Equine
Management Edv-Basierender Dokumente Innerhalb Des Workflow-Managements Bei Gruppenarbeit
Ducks of Britain and Europe
Birdwatchers' Year
Breeding Birds of Britain and Ireland
German Naval Guns: 1939-1945
Catholic Intellectuals and the Challenge of Democracy
Diagnostic Challenges in Liver Pathology, An Issue of Clinics in Liver Disease
The New American Democracy
Arsenic and Old Mustard: Chemical Problems in the Destruction of Old Arsenical and `Mustard' Munitions
Handbook on the Law of Executors and Administrators.
A Digest of the Laws of England. Volume 1 of 6
Estuary Birds of Britain and Ireland
An Introduction to Fuzzy Control
A Treatise on the Law of the Measure of Damages for Personal Injuries: Including Suggestions on Pleading, Evidence, and Province of Court and Jury, Applicable to the Trial of This Class of Cases.
Wavelets in Signal and Image Analysis: From Theory to Practice
An Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics
Economics of Sustainable Energy in Agriculture
Gleason's Theorem and Its Applications
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Medieval Formal Logic: Obligations, Insolubles and Consequences
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The Dreyfus Affair Trilogy
Studyguide for Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations: Building a Customer-Driven Health System by Kotler, Philip, ISBN 9780787984960
A Candle At Midnight
Dare to Walk in the Shoes Designed for You
Azima and the Magic Jungle
Healing Prayer and Medical Care: God's Healthcare Plan
A Treatise on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions.
The Origins of Order and Law.
Two Discourses Delivered in the Middle Temple Hall: With an Outline of the Course.
Elementary Principles of the Law of Pennsylvania. Volume 1 of 2
The Practice in Actions and Special Proceedings in the Courts of Record of the State of New York Under the Code of Civil Procedure. Volume 3 of 3
Barton's History of a Suit in Equity: From Its Commencement to Its Final Termination.
Points in the Law of Discovery.
Defeat Osteoporosis
Apologia Catholica Ex Meris Iesuitarum Contradictionibus Conflata in Qua Paradoxa, Haereses, Blasphemiae, Scelera, Quae a Pontificijs Obijci Protestantibus Solent (1605)
Benevolent Vengeance
Is Rah El?: Pre Amble
Handbook of Adhesives and Surface Preparation: Technology, Applications and Manufacturing
Paying Our Way: Transforming Transportation Finance
Molecular Evolution
America and Its Future: A Book on American Economic Possibilities
Rembrandt Van Rijn (Illustrated Edition)
Kaleidoscopes and Crystals
The Life and Correspondence of Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. Volume 1 of 3
Reflexionen Uber Das Unbewusste
Nano, Quantum and Molecular Computing: Implications to High Level Design and Validation
Multi-Agent Programming: Languages, Platforms and Applications
Chance Discovery
Video Mining
Economics of Information Security
Topological Structure and Analysis of Interconnection Networks
Dabides Emmetros, Sive, Metaphrasis Libri Psalmorum Graecis Versibus Contexta / Per Iacobum Duportum. (1666)
A Faithful Narrative of the Life and Death of That Holy and Laborious Preacher Mr. John Machin Late of Astbury in the County of Chester. (1671)
Principles of 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis
Revealing Gordion
Advances in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
A Study on the Anthology Za Ahan Jing (T101)
On the Radiation Problem Associated with Massive Star Formation
Bob Dylan Lyrics Versus the Academics
Integrated Flood Risk Assessement
Flora in an Indigenous Community in Ecuador
On the Way to Eurozone
Coming in First, Finishing Last
Turbidity Currents Propagating Through a Mini-Basin
A Practical and Elementary Abridgment of the Common Law as Altered and Established by the Recent Statutes, Rules of Court, and Modern Decisions. Volume 3 of 5
The Law of Sales of Personal Property: As Now Established in the United States and Great Britain.
A Human Machine-Interface for Computer-Assisted Liver Surgery
The Works of Daniel Webster Volume 2 of 6
A Selection of Cases on the Law of Quasi-Contracts. Volume 2 of 2
The A.B.C. of Income Tax Return Making ....
Here Begynneth a Good Booke of Medycines Called the Treasure of Pore Men (1551)
Gods' Preeminent Stance Vol 2
Mother Not Wanted
Import Tariffs as Environmental Policy Instruments
Sinzibuckwud!: The Poet's Experiences In, and on the Way to and From, Montreal, Qu bec, Canada
Art, Education, and the Democratic Commitment: A Defense of State Support for the Arts
A Collection of the Choicest Epigrams and Characters of Richard Flecknoe Being Rather a New Work, Then [Sic] a New Impression of the Old. (1673)
Remains of Mr. John Oldham in Verse and Prose. (1694)
The Articled Clerk's Guide to the Intermediate Examination as It at Present Exists on Stephen's Commentaries on the Laws of England: Containing a Complete Course of Study ....
The Workmen's Compensation ACT, 1897: With Notes: And an Appendix Containing the Rules and Regulations Under the ACT: The Employers' Liability ACT, 1880: Analysis of a Scheme Under the ACT, Etc.
Bill of Lading Exceptions.
The Law of Crimes.
Phylaster, Or, Loue Lyes a Bleeding Acted at the Globe by His Maiesties Seruants / Written by [Brace] Francis Baymont and Iohn Fletcher ... (1620)
The Barren Tree a Sermon Preached at Pauls Crosse October 26. 1623 / By Tho. Adams. (1623)
Prodrugs and Targeted Delivery: Towards Better ADME Properties
Real-Time Systems in Mechatronic Applications
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: The Info-Fuzzy Network (IFN) Methodology
2010 Physics Education Research Conference
Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks: IFIP TC6 / WG6.8 Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks (MWCN 2004) October 25-27, 2004 Paris, France
Greek Made Easy - A Simplified Method of Instruction in Modern Greek for Schools and Self Study
Taxidermy Vol.4 Insects - The Preparation, Preservation and Display of Insects
Performance Characterization in Computer Vision
Rights, Remedies, and Practice, at Law, in Equity, and Under the Codes: A Treatise on American Law in Civil Causes: With a Digest of Illustrative Cases. Volume 5 of 7
The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I. Volume 1 of 2
The Law of Fire Insurance: With an Analytical Discussion of Recent Cases.
The Molly Maguires and the Detectives.
Functional Differential Equations: Application of i-smooth calculus
The Exchequer in the Twelfth Century: The Ford Lectures Delivered in the University of Oxford in Michaelmas Term, 1911.
The Fourteenth Amendment from a Legal Standpoint: The Late Rebels Not Disfranchised: Speech of Hon. J. Proctor Knott, of Kentucky, Delivered in the House of Representatives January 23, 1869.
Leibniz: Representation, Continuity and the Spatiotemporal
Heidegger and the Quest for the Sacred: From Thought to the Sanctuary of Faith
Potential Theory and Right Processes
Seaborne's Vendors and Purchasers: Being a Concise Manual of the Law Relating to Vendors and Purchasers of Real and Leasehold Property.
The Notation of Western Music
Red Cell Membrane Transport in Health and Disease
The Life of William Ewart Gladstone. Volume 1 of 3
Tutorials on Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling: Summer School Lecture Notes
Dynamics of a Teaching Artist Residency
Heterogeneous Information Exchange and Organizational Hubs
Tropical Forests and Climate
Applications of Coal Fly Ash in Agriculture and Related Fields
Social Institutions and Economic Development: A Tribute to Kurt Martin
Plant Analysis Procedures
The Organized Criminal Activities of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International: Essays and Documentation: In memoriam David Whitby
The Need of Social Statistics as an Aid to the Courts.
The Legacy of Hans Freudenthal
Thirtene Most Plesant and Delectable Questions, Entituled a Disport of Diuers Noble Personages Written in Italian by M. Iohn Bocace, Florentine and Poet Laureate, in His Booke Named Philocopo. (1571)
Marriage with a Deceased Brother's Wife: Condemned by the Laws of Nature, Scripture, and the Testimony of Churches and Nations.
The Triumphs of the Prince D'Amour a Masque Presented by His Highnesse at His Pallace in the Middle Temple, the 24th of Februarie 1635. (1635)
Trial of David S. Terry by the Committee of Vigilance, San Francisco.
Chlorine and the Environment: An Overview of the Chlorine Industry
The Law of Landlord and Tenant.
The Constitution and Public Opinion.
A Treatise on Copyholds. Volume 1 of 2
Taxidermy Vol.9 Bones and Skeletons - The Collection, Preparation and Mounting of Bones
Modern Land Law.
Model Sailing Yachts - How to Build, Rig, And Sail Them
Chirurgorum Comes: Or the Whole Practice of Chirurgery. Begun by the Learned Dr. Read; Continued and Completed by a Member of the College of Physicians in London. Licensed, Feb. 15. 1686 (1687)
The Politics of Laughter
Big Game Fishing - With Chapters on: Marlin, Sharks, Swordfish, Sailfish, Tarpon, Tuna and Bass
Word Order Transfer in Third Language Acquisition
Novel Evolutionary Methods in Engineering Optimization
Bottom-Up Surface Engineering
New Horizons in the Field of Management Audit
Classification of Railway Brake Pads Using Thermal Images
Dynamic Sonography in Infant Clubfoot
Some Statistical Analysis of Biological Data with Predictive Modeling
The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Economy
Studyguide for Advanced Accounting by Hoyle, Joe Ben, ISBN 9780078136627
Studyguide for International Macroeconomics by Feenstra, Robert C., ISBN 9781429206914
Studyguide for Survey of Accounting by Warren, Carl S., ISBN 9780538749091
Studyguide for Financial Markets and Institutions by Saunders, Anthony, ISBN 9780077262372
Studyguide for Role of Statistics in Business and Industry by Hahn, Gerald J., ISBN 9780471218746
Studyguide for Microeconomics: Theory and Application by Browning, ISBN 9780470404089
Studyguide for Equity Valuation for Analysts and Investors by Kelleher, James, ISBN 9780071639231
Studyguide for Financial and Managerial Accounting, Vol. 2 Chapters 12-24 by Wild, ISBN 9780073264417
Studyguide for Wiley CPA Exam Review 2010, Regulation by CPA, ISBN 9780470453520
A Treatise on the Law of Garnishment: Embracing Substantive Principles, Procedure and Practice, and Garnishment as a Defense ... Adapted to General Use.
A Compendium of the Law of Property in Land and of Conveyancing Relating to Such Property.
The Law of Libel and Slander: The Evidence, Procedure, and Practice, Both in Civil and Criminal Cases, and Precedents of Pleadings, with a Chapter on the Newspaper Libel and Registration ACT, 1881.
Encyclopaedia of Business Law and Forms ...: Representing the Study and Decisions of Most Able Lawyers and Supreme Judicial Authorities: For All the States and Canada: With Notes and Authorities.
A Treatise on the Law of Fire and Life Insurance: With an Appendix Containing Forms, Tables, &C..
Privatization and Deregulation: Needed Policy Reforms for Agribusiness Development
European Populations: Unity in Diversity
A Course in Mathematical and Statistical Ecology
Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic
Petroleum Investment Policies in Developing Countries
Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics: 3 Fast and East Steps to Turn Your Text and Ideas Into Persuasive Graphics
Managing Cyber Threats: Issues, Approaches, and Challenges
Thermophilic Moulds in Biotechnology
Nanotechnology Research Directions: IWGN Workshop Report: Vision for Nanotechnology in the Next Decade
Nonlinear Assignment Problems: Algorithms and Applications
Security and Dependability for Ambient Intelligence
Computational Models of Mixed-Initiative Interaction
Plant Virology Protocols: From Viral Sequence to Protein Function
Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Software Specifications
Intelligent Multimedia Multi-Agent Systems: A Human-Centered Approach
The Vigilance Committee of 1856 / By a Pioneer California Journalist.
Bioinformatics: Volume II: Structure, Function and Applications
Data Access and Storage Management for Embedded Programmable Processors
Quantifiers, Questions and Quantum Physics: Essays on the Philosophy of Jaakko Hintikka
Distributions With Given Marginals and Statistical Modelling
Enhancing Quality of Service in Internet Using Dynamic Scheduling
Is Africa Poor Because of a Divine Curse?
Rites of Passage from an African Perspective
Proceedings of the International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Applications: Hammamet, 2001
Economics of Existing Farming Systems of Uttar Pradesh(india)
Onomasticon Poeticum Siue, Propriorum Quibus in Suis Monumentis Usi Sunt Veteres Poetae, Breuis Descriptio Poetica, Thoma Iacchaeo Caledonio Authore (1592)
An Exposicyon After the Maner of a Co[n]te[m]placyo[n] Vpon The. LJ. Psalme Called Miserere Mei de[Us], Whiche Hierom of Ferrarye Made at the Later Ende of Hys Dayes , (1538)
Cronycles of the Londe of Englo[n]d (1493)
The Vvitts a Comedie, Presented at the Private House in Blacke Fryers, by His Majesties Servants. the Author Vvilliam D'Avenant, Servant to Her Majestie. (1636)
Manuale Ad Vsum Isignis Ecclesie Sa[rum] (1500)
Sixe Spirituall Bookes; Full of Merueilous Pietie and Deuotion and First, Certaine Deuout and Godlie Petitions, Commonlie Called, the Iesus Psalter. (1618)
The Churches Deliuerance Contayning Meditations and Short Notes Vppon the Booke of Hester. in Remembrance of the Wonderfull Deliuerance from the Gunpoulder-Treason. by Thomas Cooper. (1609)
The Parable of Poyson in Fiue Sermons of Spirituall Poyson. Vvherein the Poysonfull Nature of Sinne, and the Spirituall Antidotes Against It, Are Plainely and Briefely Set Downe. (1618)
Studyguide for Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management by Chance, Don M., ISBN 9780324601213
The Anatomy of the Law: A Logical Presentation of the Parts of the Body of the Law.
Federal Valuation of Common Carriers: (Under the Act of March 1st, 1913).
Punishment Without Crime, Or, Imprisonment for Debt: Proved Unjust, Impolitic (Injurious Alike to the Creditor and Debtor ...).
Digest of Public Health Cases.
Social Problems and the Courts.
Legislative Drafting: Address Delivered at the First Annual Meeting of the Bill Drafting Conference, Chicago, Illinois, August 29, 1916.
The Practice of Policy Written by Lodowike Lloyd ... (1604)
An Address on the Law of Murder in Its Medical Aspects.
A Sermon Preached at Paules-Crosse, Vpon the 1. of Nouember, Being All-Saints Day, Anno 1607. by Sa: Collins, Batchelour in Diuinitie, and Fellow of the Kings Colledge in Cambridge (1607)
The Dialogue in English, Betweene a Doctor of Diuinitie, and a Student in the Lawes of England (1607)
de Furoribus Gallicis, Horrenda; Indigna Amirallij Castillionei, Nobilium Atque Illustrium Virorum Caede, Scelerata AC Inaudita Piorum Strage Passim Edita Per Complures Galliae Ciuitates (1573)
Twelve Sermons Preached on Several Occasions by Richard Lucas. (1699)
The Dispensary a Poem in Six Cantos. (1700)
The Pleasant History of John Winchomb, in His Younger Years Called Jack of Newbery, the Famous and Worthy Clothier of England Declaring His Life and Love (1700)
Ludovici Molinaei Petri Filii Apologia Pro Epistola Qvae Nupere Prodiit Sub Nomine Irenaei Philadelphi Adversus Argutias Theophili Iscani (1641)
A Treatise on the Jurisdiction of Courts.
Mental Philosophy: Embracing the Three Departments of the Intellect, Sensibilities, and Will. Volume 2 of 2
Chitty's Stamp Laws
Agricultural Use of Groundwater: Towards Integration Between Agricultural Policy and Water Resources Management
Heavy Metals: A Problem Solved?: Methods and Models to Evaluate Policy Strategies for Heavy Metals
A Legacy Of Honour: The Omnibus Edition
Mary Poppins - The Complete Collection
Alchemist: A Graphic Novel
The Giving Tree
A Discouerie of the True Causes Why Ireland Was Neuer Entirely Subdued, Nor Brought Vnder Obedience of the Crowne of England, Vntill the Beginning of His Maiesties Happie Raigne (1612)
The Serpent of Deuision Vvherein Is Conteined the True History of Mappe of Romes Ouerthrowe, Gouerned by Auarice, Enuye, and Pride, the Decaye of Empires Be They Neuer So Sure. (1590)
Nosce Teipsum This Oracle Expounded in Two Elegies 1. of Humane Knowledge. 2. of the Soule of Man, and the Immortalitie Thereof. Hymnes of Astraea in Acrosticke Verse. (1622)
The Vvelspring of Wittie Conceites Containing, a Methode, Asvvell to Speake, as to Endight (Aptly and Eloquently of Sundrie Matters: As (Also) See Great Varietie of Pithy Sentences (1584)
Tullys Offices in Three Books / Turned Out of Latin Into English by Ro. L'Estrange (1680)
A Supplement to Daniell's Chancery Practice: Containing the Statutes, General Orders, and Decisions, to the Commencement of the Year 1851: With Notes and an Index.
A Treatise on Investments: Being a Popular Exposition of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Kind of Investment, and of Its Liability to Depreciation and Loss.
Nosce Teipsum This Oracle Expounded in Two Elegies 1. of Humane Knowledge. 2. of the Soule of Man, and the Immortalitie Thereof. (1602)
A Treatise on the Law of Damages: Comprising Their Measure, the Mode in Which They Are Assessed and Reviewed, the Practice of Granting New Trials, and the Law of Set-Off.
A Manual of Bankruptcy, and Imprisonment for Debt: Under the Bankruptcy and Debtors Acts 1869 ...
The Territorial Force: A Manual of Its Law, Organization and Administration.
A Comparative View of the Various Institutions for the Assurance of Lives.
Principles of the Bankrupt Law.
Phenomenology of the Political
Economics of Climate Change: The Contribution of Forestry Projects
Trusting Records: Legal, Historical and Diplomatic Perspectives
Stephen Sondheim: Into The Woods - Vocal Score
Neuronal Guidance: The Biology of Brain Wiring
Southern Crossings: Where Geography and Photography Meet
Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist
Better Hearing with Cochlear Implants: Studies at the Research Triangle Institute
Marvelous Museum
Mathematics and the Historian's Craft: The Kenneth O. May Lectures
Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanomedicine and Nanorobotics
Global Governance of the Environment: Environmental Principles and Change in International Law and Politics
Six Papers by Gilbert Burnet. (1687)
A Sermon Preach'd to the Societies for Reformation of Manners in the Citys of London and Westminster. February, 19. 1699. Published at Their Request. by Thomas Reynolds. (1700)
Lincoln's Enduring Legacy: Perspective from Great Thinkers, Great Leaders, and the American Experiment
The Odes, Satyrs, and Epistles of Horace Done Into English. (1688)
A Defence of Diocesan Episcopacy in Answer to a Book of Mr. David Clarkson Lately Published, Entituled, Primitive Episcopacy / By Henry Maurice. (1700)
The Italian Convert, Newes from Italy, of a Second Moses, Or, the Life of Galeacius Caracciolus the Noble Marquess of Vico Containing the Story of His Admirable Conversion from Popery (1655)
The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism: the Formative Years, 1918-1928
Vulgaria Roberti Vvhitintoni Lichfeldiensis de Institutione Grammaticulorum Opusculum (1525)
New Learning
Positive Operators and Semigroups on Banach Lattices: Proceedings of a Caribbean Mathematics Foundation Conference 1990
Judicial Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Spatial Language: Cognitive and Computational Perspectives
Where Mathematics, Computer Science, Linguistics and Biology Meet: Essays in honour of Gheorghe Paun
The Autobiography of a Pennsylvanian.
Key to the Federal Income, War Income, and Excess Profits Tax.
New Trials and Appeals, Or, the Rules of Practice: Applicable to the Review of Judicial Determinations in Civil Actions and in Special Proceedings, Under the Code of Civil Procedure ...
The Trauailes of the Three English Brothers Sir Thomas Shirley Sir Anthony [Shirley] Mr. Robert [Shirley]. as It Is Now Play'd by Her Maiesties Seruants. (1607)
A Voyage Into Nevv England Begun in 1623. and Ended in 1624. Performed by Christopher Levett, His Maiesties Woodward of Somerset-Shire, and One of the Councell of New-England (1628)
The Cruell Brother a Tragedy. as It Was Presented, at the Priuate House, in the Blacke-Fryers: By His Maiesties Seruants. (1630)
Here Begynneth a Newe Marer [Sic], Ye Whiche Sheweth and Treateth of Ye Vertues [And] Propertes of Herbes, the Whiche Is Called an Herball Cum Priuilegio. (1526)
EuroWordNet: A multilingual database with lexical semantic networks
Maroccus Extaticus. Or, Bankes Bay Horse in a Trance a Discourse Set Downe in a Merry Dialogue, Betweene Bankes and His Beast: Anatomizing Some Abuses and Bad Trickes of This Age. (1595)
Globalizing the Postcolony: Contesting Discourses of Gender and Development in Francophone Africa
Punishment and Shame: A Philosophical Study
Physical Foundations of Materials Science
A Continuation of the Historie of France from the Death of Charles the Eight Where Comines Endeth, Till the Death of Henry the Second. Collected by Thomas Danett Gentleman. (1600)
Semilinear Elliptic Equations for Beginners: Existence Results via the Variational Approach
Islam, Gender, and Development: Rural-Urban Migration of Women in Iran
Rhetorical Questions of Health and Medicine
Counting Our Losses: Reflecting on Change, Loss, and Transition in Everyday Life
The Law of Banks and Banking: Embracing Also the Law Applicable to National Banking Associations.
A Selection of Pleadings in Civil Actions, Subsequent to the Declaration: With Occasional Annotations on the Law of Pleading.
The Poor Law: Comprising All the Authorities, to October, 1843, with Forms.
The Grant and Validity of British Patents for Inventions.
The Law of Transport by Railway.
The Principles and Practice of the Law of Evidence.
Selected Cases on the Law of Partnership: Including Limited Partnerships.
Roberti Vvhitintoni L. Secunda Grammaticae Pars de Syllabarum Quantitate Accentu. (1523)
Maine Corporation Law: The Statutes of Maine Relating to Business Corporations, Except Banking, Railroad and Insurance Companies, with Notes of Decisions and Blank Forms.
The Law of Easements: An Elementary Treatise.
Wertheimer's Law Relating to Clubs.
Perspectives on State-Building and Democracy
Nouvelle Double Grammaire Francoise-Angloise Et Angloise-Francoise Par Messrs. Claude Mauger Et Paul Festeau ... (1696)
A Trend in Global Media Ethics
Risk Management in Factoring and Forfaiting
Electrogeneration of Hydroxyl Radicals for Water Disinfection
China - Myanmar Relations
Nanostructured Materials by ARC Discharge in Liquids
Rgs2 and the Modulation of Girk Channels in the Ventral Tegmental Area
Geophysical Study to Map Structures Favorable-Groundwater Occurrence
Social Capital and Transformative Learning
Aminoglycoside Antibiotic Resistance Through Ribosomal RNA Methylation
Historical Contemplations as Also Scriptural and Occasional Observations: Together with Their Divine Improvements and Applications. by C.T. Late Minsiter of Chepsted in Surrey (1664)
Go in Peace. Containing Some Brief Directions for Young Ministers, in Their Visitation of the Sick Useful for the People, in Their State Both of Health, and Sickness. (1674)
A Treatise on Private International Law: With Principal Reference to Its Practice in England.
Two Introductory Lectures on the Science of International Law.
The Experiences of a Barrister.
Of the Sacrament of Baptism, in Pursuance of an Explication of the Catechism of the Church of England. by Gabriel Towerson, D.D. and Rector of Welwynne in Hartfordshire (1687)
The Castell of Health Corrected and in Some Places Augmented, by the Firste Aucthor Thereof, Sir Thomas Elyot Knight; And Nouu Neuuly Imprynted, in the Yeare of Our Lorde, 1576. (1576)
Historical Dictionary of Metaphysics
A Short History of My Philosophy
Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook
Regularity Results for Nonlinear Elliptic Systems and Applications
John Irving and Cultural Mourning
Meditations on the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Last Supper. by Edward Reynolds Sometimes Fellow of Merton College in Oxford, and Now Rector of the Church of Braunston in Northampton-Shire (1639)
Changing Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Globalization and New Ways of Drug Development
Coherent Structures in Complex Systems: Selected Papers of the XVII Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics Held at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 5-9 June 2000. Preliminary Version
A Funerall Poem Vppon the Death of the Late Noble Earle of Deuonshyre (1606)
The Pilgrimage of Princes, Penned Out of Sundry Greeke and Latine Aucthours, by Lodovvicke Lloid Gent (1573)
A Booke Which Sheweth the Life and Manners of All True Christians and Howe Vnlike They Are Vnto Turkes and Papistes, and Heathen Folke. Also the Pointes and Partes of All Diuinitie (1582)
Enchiridion, P[re]clare Ecclesie Sarum Deuotissimis Precationibus, AC Venustissimis Imaginib[u]s Et Ijs Quidem Non Paucis Refertum. (1528)
Notes on the Law of Charity Trusts Under Massachusetts Decisions.
The Bishop of Gallovvay His Dikaiologie Contayning a Iust Defence of His Former Apologie. Against the Iniust Imputations of Mr. Dauid Hume. (1616)
The Theory of Anisotropic Elastic Plates
Novel Frontiers in the Production of Compounds for Biomedical Use
Studyguide for Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions by Proctor, Ray, ISBN 9780273717553
Studyguide for Business Intelligence by Turban, Efraim, ISBN 9780136100669
Studyguide for Elementary Statistics -Enhanced Revised Edition by Johnson, Robert Russell, ISBN 9780495386940
Studyguide for Macroeconomics: Principles and Applications by Hall, Robert E., ISBN 9781439038987
Advances in Digital Forensics: IFIP International Conference on Digital Forensics, National Center for Forensic Science, Orlando, Florida, February 13-16, 2005
Advances in Digital Forensics II
Education and the Knowledge Society: Information Technology Supporting Human Development
Energy Crops
Civil Rights in the Gateway to the South: Louisville, Kentucky, 1945-1980
Death by Wrongful ACT: A Treatise on the Law Peculiar to Actions for Injuries Resulting in Death: Including the Text of the Statutes and an Analytical Table of Their Provisions.
The Ones That Got Away
An Exposition Upon the First Chapter of the Song of Songs Handled by Way of Question and Answer for the Information of the Weakest Understanding / By Samuel Pack. (1691)
The Invaluable Price of an Immortal Soul Shewing the Vanity of Most People in Taking Care for the Body, But Neglect Their Duty as to the Preservation of Their Never-Dying Souls (1681)
The Judgment of Private Discretion in Matters of Religion Defended in a Sermon on I Thessal. V. 21, Preached at St. Pauls Covent-Garden, Feb. XXIII, 1686 [Ie. 1687] / By Richard Kidder. (1687)
Church-Musick Vindicated a Sermon Preach'd at St. Bride's Church, on Monday, November 22, 1697, Being St. Caecilia's Day, the Anniversary Feast of the Lovers of Musick / By Nicholas Brady. (1697)
The Tenth Satyr of Juvenal Done Into English Verse by J.H.; With an Epistle to the Vicar of T---- In B--Shire. (1693)
The Natives an Answer to the Foreigners. (1700)
An Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius: With Notes and References to the Decisions of the Courts of This Country by Henry Wheaton. Volume 1 of 2
History of the Commonwealth of England: From Its Commencement, to the Restoration of Charles the Second. Volume 2 of 4
A Treatise on the Law of Corporate Bonds and Mortgages: Being the Second Edition of Railroad Securities, Revised.
A Defence of an Apology for the People Called Quakers Being in Answer to a Book Entituled Quakerism Exposed, Or, Some Papers Deliver'd to the King and Parliament / By John Field. (1699)
Boolean Constructions in Universal Algebras
Degenerate Elliptic Equations
Morality and Rational Choice
Orthogonal and Symplectic Clifford Algebras: Spinor Structures
In-Depth Analysis of Linear Programming
Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions: Based on the lectures of Professor V.I. Arnold
Medical Challenges for the New Millennium: An Interdisciplinary Task
Research in Science Education - Past, Present, and Future
Climatic Variability in Sixteenth-Century Europe and Its Social Dimension
Teaching Practice in Law Schools: A Paper: Read Before the Section of Legal Education of the American Bar Association, Saratoga Springs, August 19, 1896.
President Haven's Annual Message to the Third Moot Congress of the Law Department of the University of Michigan: Delivered October 24th, 1863.
A Pleasant Comedy, Called: The Case Is Alterd as It Hath Beene Sundry Times Acted by the Children of the Black-Friers. Written by Ben. Ionson. (1609)
Pregnancy and Crime: A Medico-Legal Study.
Euery Man in His Humor as It Hath Beene Sundry Times Publickly Acted by the Right Honorable the Lord Chamberlaine His Seruants. Written by Ben. Iohnson. (1601)
Ludus Scacchiae: Chesse-Play a Game, Both Pleasant, Wittie, and Politicke: With Certain Briefe Instructions Therevnto Belonging; Translated Out of the Italian Into the English Tongue. (1597)
Gods Mercies and Ierusalems Miseries a Sermon Preached at Pauls Crosse, the 25. of Iune. 1609. by Lancelot Dawes, Master of Arts and Fellow of Queenes Colledge in Oxford. (1609)
Pharmacopoeia Collegii Regalis Londini (1678)
A Booke of Epitaphes Made Vpon the Death of the Right Worshipfull Sir Vvilliam Buttes Knight Vvho Deceased the Third Day of September, Anno 1583. (1583)
Animalis Homo Concio Latine Habita Ad Academicos Oxonienses, Nono Die Octobris 1649 Pro Inchoando Termino / Authore Ed. Reynoldo. (1659)
The Triumph of a Christian Containing Three Excellent and Heauenly Treatises, [Brace] 1. Iacobs Wrestling with God, 2. the Conduit of Comfort, 3. a Preparation for the Lords Supper (1627)
Wilfull Impenitency the Grossest Self-Murder All They Who Are Guilty of It, Apprehended, Tried, and Condemned in These Sermons. Preached at Rochford in Essex Not Long Before His Death (1658)
A Relation of the Fearful Estate of Francis Spira in the Year 1548 Compiled by Nat. Bacon, Esq. (1672)

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